Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back to my old hideout

Its been very long i ever came back here to update my blog. Been busy arranging my own personal things.

Friends starts to forget your existence, friends starts becoming enemies, friends starts becoming hungry wolves consuming others for their benefits. Just 2 years, people that i knew changed.

Life is like a bitch. But we must go on, don't we?

Been learning/ practicing my cg coloring lately. I admit i have bad coloring skills. Need to take a long long time to get use to it.

Here is a fan art of a Witch from Left4Dead. A co-op 1st person shooter survival game.

(unfinish)Might continue when i have free time.

Well, that's for today update. See ya readers another update. Fox out.


maslight said...

that one nice depressing witch. anyways, I think ur coloring improve a lot liao lor dias. But need some shading since u said it's incomplete rite? XD

ganbatte, live life to the fullest. it's not owez about world hatred. *peace

IRTeA said...

Yup people change as time passes without realizing that we ourselves changed too ^_^ Life goes on and in the end of the day the truth about reality world and life actually depends on how we ourselves view it. *peace

Joanna Lye said...

in b4 dasaru.